1.Metallogenic background and tectonic dynamics   

    The State Key laboratory focuses on understanding (1) the basement composition of important metallogenic belts and the tectonic background of diagenesis and mineralization, (2) the tectonic framework and crustal structure of metallogenic belts and their evolution in different geologic periods, and (3) the mechanisms of lateral accretion and vertical growth of the continental crust in metallogenic belts. These aspects are critical to reconstructing the formation history of these belts and understanding the dynamic processes that lead to ore formation.   

2.Magmatism and continental evolution   

   The State Key laboratory considers magmatism and continental evolution as the key to understand metallogeny. Therefore, the State Key laboratory is interested in the magmatism in major metallogenic belts. Related research topics include the genesis and evolution of intrusive and eruptive igneous rocks, the association of igneous rocks complex and its geodynamic implications, and lithospheric evolution their relationship to metallogeny.   


3.Ore-forming mechanisms of metallic deposits   

    The State Key laboratory largely focuses on the economic geology of China’s mineral resources. Through experimental and theoretical simulations, the laboratory characterizes the physico-chemical conditions of ore formation, develops mineralization models, and identifies tools that can be applied to mineral deposit exploration.   


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